2015 Cake Auction

We are proud to invite you to our 7th Annual Silent Cake Auction. All proceeds benefit the Olivia Charles Foundation. While this is our fourth consecutive year working with the Olivia Charles Foundation, this year is different. A year ago, our family, tragically, found ourselves in a place that made us appreciate the outreach offered by the Prickett family as they honored their late daughter, Olivia Charles, by walking alongside my family in our own hour of need.  

Last year, we broke all our previous records in giving and sharing. This year, we are prepared for even more blessings. Let me tell you about the cakes.

We have a team of talented volunteers, some of whom even bake and sell their creations. With few exceptions, the cakes are all homemade and delicious. Many are also visual works of art.

The Auction itself will be on Thursday, February 12th, from 4-6pm. All cakes will have a "Buy it Now" option for those who prefer not to wait. We also accept donations. 


We look forward to hearing from you


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